Enquiry with Brian
Annual Plan / Targets / Teacher Enquiry for Mathematics
Goal: Competent, confident users of maths in life situations.
Goal / Target
What will they be better at:-
Teacher Enquiry
- Learning for teacher
Changes to teaching programme
Evidence of Success
- Report to MOE
Teacher Enquiry
- Appraisal
Student knowledge is not as quick as expected in tests and when working in group situations.
- Quicker at basic facts.
Seek different ways to motivate students with basic facts learning
- Diagnostic testing
- Own goals identified
- Own target cards
- Practice basic facts with variations
- Practice timetabled into programme
- Progress documented on e-portfolio
- Diagnostic testing
- Evidence of progress on their e-portfolio
- Teacher, parent and student observation of improved speed and recall
Show accelerated progress graphically for all students.
Reflect on evidence of increased motivation for individual students.
Through teacher teacher observation, some students do not have the skills or strategies to solve a range of problems.
- Tackle problem solving willingly
- Recognize and develop their own problem solving strategies
- Become better problem solvers
- Extend resources used; especially interactive sites
- Engage Maths Advisor to help and visit other schools.
- Gathering evidence of success
- Continue and develop problem solving challenges and use variety to enhance motivation.
- Deliberately reflect on strategies used
- Teach strategies and skills as required
- Written or videoed reflection on strategies used.
- Examples of problem solving in e-portfolio showing progress over time.
Choose two students - one above and one just below.
Brief report on each student's problem solving strategy development and willingness with evidence. Sample of student reflection.
Reflect on evidence of effective teaching strategies. Include in target report.
Students are not aware of the maths learning happening
Transfer maths to authentic contexts
- Make potential for maths explicit in unit plans
- Reflect on this throughout unit
- Reflect on maths learning throughout authentic context learning
- Identify maths learning used
Students identify maths learning used and report it to the community, through Blogspot, and to BOT.
Same report as to the BOT
Report evidence of explicit use of maths learning in authentic contexts.

PD with Selina
Gaps analysis
Many schools finds gaps with basic fact and place value
Consolidation activities - Selina suggests to make your own to meet needs. Set up templates to make from.
Target - Choose a group to collect data

In an effective mathematics programme we would see ...
Shared learning intention
Clear student understood organisation; may include task board, modelling book, individual thinking book
Well organised equipment
Think time is given

To do suggestion for me ...
Joined 'Study ladder' online
Organise foundation of programme - assessment and teaching materials
Read ALiM programme on NZ Maths - basic facts practise and consolidation Great to look at further.
IKan - http://nzmaths.co.nz/ikan-forms?parent_node=

Other Strands
Selina's measurement and Geometry Massey Course notes: http://measurementandgeometry.wikispaces.com/
Use curriculum document, maths chart, pink numeracy booklets

Hot Spots - make sure that it is targeted to needs of chn.
Basic facts
Keep specific to individual needs
Flash cards - 2-3 only - all different ways can write equation.
ALiM - As class at own level or as part of rotation. Test at own level, egg timer, same test all week, graph improvement in time

Consolidation (Buddy / Games)
Think Board sheets - make templates
Define strategy - students create problems
Define problem - students think of different strategies to solve - highlight the most effective strategy
Write word problems to show
Use Figure it outs as part of reading programme to learn how to use them effectively ... example, instruction,