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Interface Conference – 12 / 5 / 2011
“Today’s digital kids think of information and communication technology as something akin to oxygen. It is an integral part of their lives ...” “John Sealey-Brown” 2004
Why use the cloud?
· Safer
· Cheaper
· Real time interaction
· Enables differentiated learning styles
· Use anywhere / anytime
Most used time is 3.30 – 10.30pm
Next most used time is 8.30 – 3.30pm
Look at:
· File storage – “Drop box”
· Applications – “Office Web Apps”
· Web OS – Mobile operating system that hp is developing
Look at for classroom teaching:
· Estudents.wikispaces.com – look at for digi award ideas
· You tube music vid eg Hippo and dog
· Teaching typing skills

It is believed that very soon 80% of all digital appliances will have a touch interface.
St Kentigern’s Notebook Programme
Believe it facilitates creating powerful motivated learners
They are powerful learners because
· They can take an idea and develop it further
· They can back learning up with research
· Computers allow collaboration
· Though ICT they develop critical thinking
· Students can synthesise ideas
· Learning can be tailored to suit individual learning styles
Paper is limited to only your own ideas.
Contact: Walter Chieng at St Kentigerns