Hi Nicki – here are the pictures for David’s timetable . I have sent a hard copy of the timetable – we talked about moving a dot along to show which subject it is, but it may be easier to just remove each picture as the subject is finished. But I have put in an extra laminated board and Velcro dots so if you do want to put dots down the side of the pictures you can and then make a dot to move along – or easier just put blu tack on a cardboard dot or arrow and move that down the desk.
I have also put in an extra set of the pictures so that for the ones that there is a book or other material associated with the subject the picture can be put on that item to match the timetable. The pictures are also attached – they can be made bigger or smaller if that helps. Let me know if you need other pictures or would prefer a different visual for a subject.
Encourage David to focus on the picture as well as the word when identifying what subject/book he needs. As we discussed yesterday when giving David instructions keep it at the one step level e.g. get your creative adventures book – but give him clues on how to do this – lift your desk top fully, look inside the desk for the book with the picture of the rainbow, butterfly and star on it. Describe what he is looking for – e.g. get a pen – it is for writing, it is long and thin, it can be blue or black. We also talked about using a motivator to encourage David to remember to take his book bag home and bring it back to school – possible options are getting a piece of a picture puzzle of an item of interest such as KingKong that he can then put together; or getting a ‘set’ of pictures, or having 2 mins to look at a book of interest, etc - Judy (Speech)

Chris Barbridge
Interest - King Kong