Teaching as Inquiry Plan

Goal / Target
What will they be better at:-
Teacher Enquiry
- Learning for teacher
Changes to teaching programme
Evidence of Success
- Report to MOE
Teacher Enquiry
- Appraisal
Observation during reading and running records(Informal prose inventory) shows some students are performing below expectation in decoding or deeper comprehension.
Decoding text and explaining the meaning of what they have read.
Seek different ways to teach students decoding and comprehension strategies.
Diagnostic testing using running records
- Own goals identified
- Integrate different comprehension practice into literacy and unit teaching.
- Progress documented on e-portfolio
- Diagnostic testing
- Evidence on e-portfolio of improved use of decoding and comprehension strategies.
Show accelerated progress graphically for targeted students.
Reflect on evidence of improved decoding and comrehension for individual students.

Completed Teaching as Inquiry Plan

Reflection ...
Action taken
How do I know
Week 7
Term 3
Travis - Toe to toe
Focus group
Continue linking reading closely to writing
Specific comprehension strategy teaching - making connections
Next step - turn skiing learning stories into our own audio resource
Sounds valued / easy to see next step needs

Focused reading and writing
Bringing reading alive and seems to have more relevance
Patterns in vowels and end sounds missed

Students can vocalise their learning
Motivation in reading lesson. Student reflection.
Week 1
Term 3
Focused daily reading with audio support
Improved reading confidence
Improved understanding of vocab at higher level than decoding level
Improved reading motivation
Teacher observation when reading
Because T has higher understanding at sentence level, decoding is done in context.
T is starting to notice trends and repeated words.
T asks to read with the teacher and is motivated to listen to the text.
Week 7, Term 2
One on one with teacher
Used motivating reading material (Fast Forward Chapter books)
Read and hear text
Reading comprehension strategies verbalised when used
Specific phonics teaching a,e,i,o,u – Midge Jansen
Reading to his brother at home
Travis – Improved reading / improved motivation to read
Improved use of reading strategies to decode and understand text
Week 4,
Term 2
All students shared their learning and progress in recent student led conferences.
Pleased with
  • student ownership of learning,
  • clear understanding of progress
  • clear understanding of where at (strengths and next step for learning)
  • goal setting
Confident communication

Backed up with evidence and examples

All 3 students chose reading goals based on improving comprehension strategies.
Week 2 - 4,
Term 2
Argument / Persuasive
Focus on structure and vocabulary.
Exemplars used were useful.
Level important to keep engagement. (Tried higher level text - from course in Wanganui)
Next step was writing own speech.

Trialling Alison Davis reading follow up sheets.

Repetition of the activity using different reading material worked well.
Students now understand how they work and it is a good time to vary aspects.
Students aware of structure or each part of persuasive text.
Vocab noticed and used
Highlight main idea

I need to choose the level of text carefully or continue to differentiate text to suit children.
Moved from exemplars to using own writing for reading and could still see .
(Same structure as writing persuasive text)
Highlighted key points

Eyes glazed over with higher level tex

Inspiring readers


Maths Websites

Reading ... Trevor Bond 'Questioning
Questioning is the core of the thinking process

Don't be an answer provider but a director to relevant resources

Read to ...Gary Poulson ' Hatchet ... My side of the mountain'
David Hill 'The river run'
'The Sheerwater bell'
'Black gold
'Haris and me' Gary Poulson

National Reading Summer reading programme - 20 children's books to read over holidays

Colyton - PD with Carol
Inquiry – Effectiveness of authentic learning opportunities to enhance student motivation and engagement.
Based on data.
Choose focus group of students.
Use Carol's inquiry model.
Is the teaching working for my students? What is the learning like for students in my class? How is my teaching best meeting the needs of my students?