Bloom's Taxonomy Verb Chart
Knowledge (Recalling learned material)
recall, underline, list. name, record, label, cluster, match, memorize, define, arrange
Comprehension (Understanding the material)
understand, show, summarize, explain, describe, demonstrate, review, cite, restate, locate
Application (Using the material)
apply, select, model, organize, illustrate, utilize, choose, imitate, demonstrate, use
Analysis (Breaking material down to increase understanding)
analyze, compare, contrast, classify, map, characterize, divide, break down, choose, examine
Synthesis (Reshaping material into a new form)
construct, speculate, design, compose, create, develop, invent, blend, propose, formulate
Evaluation (Judging the worth of material)
evaluate, convince, argue, judge, criticize, rate, measure, persuade, assess, recommend